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Posted by Alysha Groff on October 16, 2018

A call out to all Facing History and Ourselves Educators. We are looking for Facing History and Ourselves educators who would be interested in blogging for us. You do not need any blogging experience. You will be working with myself, Facing Canada blog curator Alysha Groff, each step of the way to develop your blog post. You can propose an idea to write about, or simply let me know your interest, and I will work with you to come up with a blog idea that will best demonstrate your experiences as a Facing History educator. Teachers of any grade and subject area that work to include topics of social justice and equity in their teaching through a Facing History lens can write a blog! 

Here are some of the guidelines for a typical blog post to give you a better idea about what blogging will be like:

  • If you are able to write a blog post, you will receive a letter of agreement, and an honoraria as a thank you for your hard work.

  • The length of the blog post is up to you. I encourage it to be shorter rather than longer simply because we have found that people prefer to read shorter blog posts. You can aim for 500 words (ish) but please don't feel pressure to stick to that number. I want the post to best reflect your work!


  • Now for a timeline. When would you like to aim to have a draft ready for? Let me know what you are thinking so I can put it in my blog schedule. As a teacher myself, I appreciate how busy you can be, so let me know what timeline will work for you.


  • The more pictures, quotes, examples you can include in your post the better. Also, if you use any Facing History resources please let me know so I can include the appropriate links to them.


  • When you have a draft, send it to me, Alysha Groff, as a google doc (just make sure to give me editing privileges). I edit everything in "suggestion mode" so no changes are made without your approval. If you could also send a short bio (100 words or so) about yourself along with a head shot that would be great! 

If you want to see examples, check out any of the blogs on Facing Canada or any of the blogs in the blog Holocaust Remembrance Day. This blog is a recap of other posts, so just scroll through and click on the links. There is a wide variety of lengths and styles, which I think demonstrates how varied blogs can be. 

I look forward to hearing from you! Please email me at or get in touch with Leora Schaefer or Jasmine Wong and they will connect you with me. 

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