A “Testament “ to Speaking Out

Posted by Robert Flosman on April 8, 2013

speak out poetry eventAs my students build their journals, ideas of injustice and intolerance flood their pages. Yet this month, the pens are down and students of Genocide are standing up and speaking out. Mathew Jones A.K.A “TESTAMENT” provided Waterdown students with the tools and the inspiration to put their thoughts into Spoken Word Art.

It has been an incredible 3 sessions of brain storming and “word jamming.” Students have dealt with the Facing History themes of alienation, the power of language and the most important: HOPE.

Testament brought the house down with his talent, his skill as a motivator and as a spoken word artist. He ended his sessions by telling Waterdown students that he has been inspired with them. We were sad to see him go and he ended with a group cheer: “BE THE FUTURE.” Waterdown students travel to Toronto on April 24th to join other students for a night of spoken word in “STAND UP AND SPEAK OUT” Please visit www.facinghistory.org for details.

This week Waterdown is choosing our representatives. Next post: Examples of student spoken word art.

Topics: Art, Events, Innovative Classrooms, Memorial, Genocide and Crimes Against Humanities Course, Personal history


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