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Writer: Soumya Shashikumar grew up in Mumbai, India. She is a Writer currently based out of Toronto, Canada. Her areas of focus are scientific writing, short horror fiction and poetry. She has a Masters in Biotechnology. After devoting 8 years to research and development in the sciences, she set her sights towards her life-long ambition of writing professionally. Currently engaged as a Copywriter at Ògo Tàwa, she spends most of her days exploring new topics to write about and honing the craft of writing through her keyboard, pen and paper. Editor: Ògo Tàwa Inc. is a non-profit company led by its CEO and founder, Khalidah Bello, a creative entrepreneur and cultural producer of Yoruba Nigerian Canadian heritage. Khalidah possesses over 15 years of experience in creating programming that shares the creative talents of Black communities with the North American public in the areas of visual arts, fashion, live music performance, dance, and theatre.

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The Power of Movement: BLM Dance Challenge

Posted by Soumya Shashikumar and Khalidah Bello on February 17, 2022

At Facing History and Ourselves, our mission is to use the lessons of history to challenge teachers and students to stand up to bigotry and hatred. This requires us to know the ideas and choices that have formed our history and the opportunities we have today to shape our present and future. In this blog post, you will learn about Ògo Tàwa Inc., a creative non-profit organization, and how you and your students can be involved in a Black Lives Matter (BLM) Dance Challenge. This dance challenge provides an opportunity for young people to work together and take a stand  against racism, bigotry and hatred.

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Topics: Upstanders, Black History Month, dance


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