Theodore Fontaine's Impact and Legacy

How do we teach Chinese-Canadian Narratives in Classrooms? (Part II)

How do we teach Chinese Canadian Narratives in Classrooms? (Part I)

Four Classroom Lessons for Treaties Recognition Week

Announcing our newest Program staff member

Canadian Resources for International Women's Day

Disability Rights in Canada

All Community Read: Teaching Rolling Warrior and Being Heumann

Dos and Don'ts As you Plan for Orange Shirt Day 2022

5 Books We're Reading this Summer

Indigenous Voices: A Resource List by Lorrie Gallant

What would inclusion of Jewish identities look like year-round?

Models of Disability and How They Impact Teaching

Weaving Disability Representation into your Literature Equity and Inclusion Work

Resources for Genocide Awareness Month and Beyond

The Power of Movement: BLM Dance Challenge

7 Classroom Resources on the Holocaust

Holodomor Memorial Day in Schools

Resources for Remembrance Day

Resources for Treaties Recognition Week in Ontario

Thoughtfully Choosing Texts in an English Classroom

Addressing Anti-Asian Racism: A Resource for Educators

Honouring and Remembering Chief Theodore Fontaine as we Carry Forward his Testimony and Work

Helping You Nurture a Love of Reading

Welcoming Students Back to School with Current Events in Mind

Living History in the Classroom

Respectful Inclusion vs. Disrespectful Appropriation

Supporting Students in the Aftermath of the Targeted Car Attack on a Muslim Family in London, Ont

This is a Moment to Remember, Honour and Take Action

A Message for Educators on the Crisis in Israel and Palestine

Honouring and Remembering Theodore Fontaine

Teaching about The Holodomor

Closing the 2021 School Year by Empowering Student Voice: Videos for Change

“Trust is not just something that you ‘organize’, it’s earned over time”: Approaches to Gathering Trust-based Testimony and Research Methodologies

When Storytelling Intersects with Holocaust & Human Rights Education: An International Education Project Initiated in Canada

Black History Month Resources: Approaches, Identities, Histories, Legacies & Inclusion

Reflecting on “Black Women Educators’ Roundtable on Teaching and Current Events”

Historical Fiction to Supplement Hidden Figures

Reflecting on 2020: A Closing Activity

High Resolves x Videos for Change: An Engaging, Self-Paced, Real-World Assessment

Easing Student Anxiety: A Lesson on the History of Epidemics, Pandemics and Vaccines

Welcoming gender diversity in the ‘free speech’ era: Tips for handling anti-transgender speech in the classroom

The Dish With One Spoon Wampum (Webinar 2)

Difficult but Necessary: How 2 Educators are Facilitating Conversations About Injustice

4 Resources to Enrich Your Courses with Black Canadian History Content (Part 1)

Understanding Contemporary Issues Through a Deep Understanding of History: A Resource List

Engaging as Co-Conspirators in Anti-Racism Work

Back to School 2020: Building Community for Connection and Learning

We Need to Do More to Respond to Anti-Black Racism

Territorial and Land Acknowledgements (Webinar 1)

Digital Classroom-Ready Activities: Using Short Stories to Explore Othering and Students’ Experiences Today

Engaging Students in Film Analysis in ELA Classrooms (and Online!!)

A digital literacy workshop using PhoneMe, the social media platform for spoken poetry

Honouring Reciprocity and Survivors of Canada’s Residential Schools

A Valentine's Day Love Letter to Fellow Educators (and to Facing History and Ourselves)

Courageously Confronting 'World War III' and Current Events in Your Classroom

Choosing to Participate this Holiday Season

2 Mini Lessons for When Your Students Have Checked Out for the Holidays

No PowerPoints, No Prezis: A Creative Genocide Course Inquiry Project

Exploring the Holocaust and Jewish Refugees’ Journey to Canada through Interactive Digital Learning and Creating

Remembering Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, Girls and Two-Spirited People on October 4th

Five Teaching Ideas for Whole School Learning this Orange Shirt Day

Dear Teachers: We start this year by recognizing all that you do

Upcoming Professional Development Events Throughout Canada

Creating Meaningful Responses to Memoir and Engaging in Reciprocity

Ideas and Insights: A Discussion on Decolonizing and Indigenizing Classrooms, Schools and Systems

Leading Disruption and Decolonizing Education: Wanda Nanibush in Conversation with Niigaanwewidam Sinclair

Finding the Words to Speak After Trauma: Remembering Donia Blumenfeld Clenman

The Road to Equity: How do you define equity? Part 2

Unlearning Hate: Responding to the Rise of White Nationalism

Balancing the Responsibility to Disrupt and Decolonize with the Reality of my own Whiteness

A Note About Facing History- From a Facing History Student

A Mindful Classroom: Establishing a Safe Space for Sensitive Topics

Remixing Facing History and Ourselves For Middle Years

6 Ways to Incorporate Cross Curricular Approaches in Your Social Sciences Classroom

When Learning Hits Home

Why did I write a Holocaust novel?

The Road to Equity: How do you define equity?

Using Facing Canada for  Inspiration

My Reflections on Canada’s Apology for the MS St. Louis

Going Beyond Canada 150: Memorial Design as a Course Culminating Task

You Could Blog for Facing History and Ourselves Canada

Learning To Love Yourself

Creating Engaging Social Studies Unit Culminating Ideas: A Zoom Conversation

Get Ready for Orange Shirt Day With Us

2018-2019 Welcome Back to School

Embedding Indigenous Voice in Family Studies

Taking Steps Together: One Year after the Decolonizing Schools Project

A Cross-Curricular Approach to Reconciliation in Education

"The Truth About Stories Is, That's All We Are": The Stories We Share In Our Classrooms

Helping Teachers to Be Conscious Allies: Honouring and helping heal Indigenous (and non-Indigenous) students

Federal Government Invests in Building a Better Future through Facing History

Introducing Indian Horse with the Tracks of My Life Project

Joseph Boyden - a teachable moment in identity

What happens when we empower students to explore their history this black history month

Grappling with Stories of Violence from Canada's Indian Residential Schools: Educator Workshop and Film Screening

Understanding What Genocide Means

Holocaust Remembrance Day

An Award Winning Initiative for Engaging Students and Communities in Learning History

6 Books We're Reading This Winter Holiday

Including Indigenous Voices in K-12 Classrooms

Meet Claire Baum: A Liberation Story to Honour Canadian Soldiers This Remembrance Day

Activities for Engaging Your Community on Orange Shirt Day

Settler Educators Teaching Indigenous Perspectives and History

Students speak on Canada's dark history, confronting their own biases, and the need for reconciliation

Apathy to Action: Survivor Testimony kindling students' hopes for Reconciliation

Beyond Anne Frank: Using an arts-integrated approach to explore victim experiences during the Holocaust

Facing History Teachers Answer the Question: Why do you teach?

"Know Thy Selfie"- A Modern Take on Identity

Cultural Genocide in Canada: Challenging institutionalized racism and moving towards Reconciliation

Facing History Together Student Essay Contest

Remember the Holocaust Today, and Everyday

Addressing Roots of Human Hatred: A Psychological Study on Conformity, Obedience and Behaviour

An Alumni's Letter to the Facing History Advisory Board

Facing History and Ourselves: In The Primary Classroom

Learning to Teach about Reconciliation: A report from Facing History and Ourselves' 2016 Summer Institute

Let's Play Ball: Recognizing Indigenous Territory at Blue Jays Games

Teaching About Residential Schools

Why I Use Schindler's List

"Creating a Culture of Caring Through Reconciliation as a Non-Indigenous Teacher": An Interview with Nathan Tidridge

Hello and Goodbye from your Facing History and Ourselves Canada Program Associates

Indigenous Cultures, Language, and the TRC through an Anthropological Lens (Part 2)

Indigenous Cultures, Language, and the TRC through an Anthropological Lens (Part 1)

Malvern Archives in Grade 10 History Inquiry

3 Ways Educational Travel Inspires Lifelong Learning

Creating infographics to raise awareness about current Indigenous issues

Helping students view Prejudice and Discrimination as a Universal Problem

Asian Heritage Month- Exploring Canada's history of immigration through identity and civic participation.

Humans of the Woodlands: Choosing to Participate through Blogging and Photography

Q&A with Shireen Afzal: Her advice for students entering the 2016 Student Essay Contest

Using Facing History and Ourselves Resources and Pedagogy to teach the Grade 12 Secondary School Literacy Course

Path to Reconciliation: An Educator’s Journey

History and Action: Education for Truth and Reconciliation

The Right Time

Youth and Teachers Respond Collectively to Art Spiegelman's Maus Through Art and Inquiry: An Interview with Professor Rob Simon and Delta Senior Alternative School Teacher Sarah Evis

"Love thy neighbour as thyself": Helping students bridge distance in their own communities and beyond

Stolen Lives: The Indigenous Peoples of Canada and the Indian Residential Schools.

The Lost Generation

Making Remembrance Day Meaningful for our Students

Facing History at the Movies: Three New Facing History and Ourselves Videos that Inspire

Meet your Facing History staff liaison for 2015-2016

Building Community Through Curriculum: A Simple “Big Idea”

The Danger of a Single Story: A Back to School Reflection


Students of Facing History

Confronting Bullying, Peer Pressure and Exclusion in a Middle School Classroom: Reflections on my First year Part II

Reflections on my First Year as a Facing History Teacher Part 1: “Healthy Tensions”

Turning a Class into a Museum (Part II): Bridging Continents

How to Teach About Canada's Residential Schools: A Model for Truth and Reconciliation

Stand Up, Speak Out

A Classroom Project with Community Impact: The Regent Park Immigrant Memorial Project

Finding Your Voice: Using Slam Poetry to Explore Human Rights

3 Ways Students Can Choose to Participate as an End of Year Project

From Understanding to Upstander: Inside a Genocide Studies Classroom

Canadian Student Wins Facing History Upstander Contest!

Classroom Ideas Inspired by #MuseumWeek

Facing History reads Canada Reads: 5 Books that Challenge Stereotypes and Change Perspectives

Teaching “The Book of Negroes” Part III: Addressing Difficult Moments in History

Teaching “The Book of Negroes” Part I: Race, Names, and Identity

Establishing a Safe Classroom in Order to Explore Difficult Topics

Join Us for a Twitter Chat on "The Book of Negroes"

2014: Top Four Library Resources Borrowed in Ontario

Nine Books That Everyone Must Read

Best of 2014: Top 6 Most Read Ontario Blogs

8 Lessons the Museum of Human Rights Taught Me about My Classroom

5 Remembrance Day Lesson Ideas That Deepen Student Learning

Turning a Classroom into a Museum

Vote for Deb Brown. Here's Why.

Facing History and Ourselves Canada Honours Holocaust Survivor and Educator Nate Leipciger

Toronto Holocaust Education Week Speaker Dr. James Waller on Understanding Evil

A Choice to Vote: Show That Your Voice Counts

Get Ready For Our New Name and New Look!

Roger Brooks Named President and CEO of Facing History

Choosing to Participate: The Path Less Travelled No More

Using Digital Storytelling to Develop Student Voice

Can One Teacher Change Your Life?

Students use Digital Media to Find their Voice

Fresh Ideas and New Opportunities for 2014-2015

Memorials by Design: Using Symbolism to Memorialize Tragedy

5 Resources for Meaningful Student Engagement

6 Ways I Am Bringing my Transformative Learning to My New Facing History Classroom

The Smallest Acts Can Leave the Biggest Impact

Help Students Think Deeply About the Roles They Play and the Choices They Make

Skill vs. Intuition: The Art and Practice of Note-Taking

The Bear That Wasn't: Exploring Identity in Middle School

RadioZilla: From Bystanders to Upstanders

Happy Canada Day!! What Does it Mean to You?

What Happens When Universes Collide?

Project of Heart: Using Art to Engage with Aboriginal History

Radiozilla Wrap Party – Join us!!

What These Middle School Students Did Will Amaze You!

Facing History Students in Brampton Counter Anti-Immigration Flyer with Positive Message

Margot Stern Strom Innovation Grant Recipients Announced!

A Visit to Treblinka Extermination Camp

Remember, Never Again

5 Resources to Mark 20 Years of Democracy in South Africa

Finding Hope: How One Student Woke Me Up To Why I Teach Genocide Studies

Inside a Genocide Studies Classroom: Where to Begin? Identity

What are we reading?

Voice, Reward, and Expectations: Reflections on a Middle School Classroom


This is where Canadian Facing History and Ourselves teachers and community members meet to share reflections, scholarship and teaching practices that will inspire, challenge and improve teaching and student learning. Our stories provide a window into diverse Facing History classrooms in Canada, and invite you into the discussion.

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