Get Ready For Our New Name and New Look!

Posted by Jasmine Wong on October 23, 2014

Since we began our blog two years ago, our goal has always been to recognize the amazing work of the teachers we work with in Canada. We wanted to give voice to these individuals, to create a community that dialogued about what's important to student learning, and to provide a window into what education can look like when partnered with Facing History and Ourselves.

When our blog launched, we were mostly working with teachers in the Greater Toronto Area, so the writers, stories, and classrooms–as well as our blog name–reflected that. But as our in-person work has grown beyond these bounds to reach educators across Canada–in Quebec, Manitoba, British Columbia, and as far as the North West Territories–our blog has started to reflect voices, stories, and classrooms from these communities across Canada. It is time to change our name. Tomorrow, OnNetwork becomes Facing Canada.

What does this mean for you, our reader?

While our name will change, the URL will remain the same. You won't need to re-subscribe to continue getting our latest and greatest posts, news, and ideas. Thank you for following and sharing and being a part of our community. And if you haven't yet subscribed–do so today! And be sure to connect with us online at @facinghistory on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

A Facing History classroom at Woburn Collegiate Institute in Toronto. Photo by Nick Kozak.A Facing History classroom at Woburn Collegiate Institute in Toronto. Photo by Nick Kozak.

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This is where Canadian Facing History and Ourselves teachers and community members meet to share reflections, scholarship and teaching practices that will inspire, challenge and improve teaching and student learning. Our stories provide a window into diverse Facing History classrooms in Canada, and invite you into the discussion.

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