Can One Teacher Change Your Life?

Posted by Jasmine Wong on October 5, 2014

If you had a $5,000 classroom gift to give to a teacher for changing your life, who would you give it to?

At the Toronto office here at Facing History, we know so many teachers who work tirelessly and selflessly to give students learning experiences, words of wisdom, encouragement, and kindness to make meaningful change in their students' lives.


It happens in the ways they prepare for lessons and incorporate technology so students feel respected and challenged. It happens in the ways they facilitate difficult conversations to safely guide students to aha! moments. It happens through the speakers and exhibits they bring into the classroom. And it happens in the moments where a student trusts them enough to come to them with a problem that they desperately need help with. These are the same teachers who then organize after-school clubs, sports, and trips overseas after the work day is done, who make museums in the halls, celebrate their students' learning among public audiences, and take learning into the community.

Teachers do amazing things, but they are rarely recognized enough for what they do. So...what if you had a chance to take an hour or two out to recognize someone who took the time to teach you something - or many things - that changed your life? What if you could write it down, and that teacher had a chance to win $5,000 to go toward their classroom? Would you write that teacher to tell them what an impact they made?

Take a moment this week to nominate a teacher who changed your life in our Teacher Recognition Contest and they will be entered into the running to win $5,000 toward their classroom. Submissions due by October 17th, so act fast!

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