Timothy J. Stanley

Timothy J. Stanley is professor emeritus in the Faculty of Education and the Institute of Indigenous Research and Studies at the University of Ottawa. An award-winning historian of racism and Chinese Canadian experience, antiracism education is his primary interest. His current research focuses on the implications for antiracism education of the racist construction of our surrounding cultural landscapes.

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How do we teach Chinese-Canadian Narratives in Classrooms? (Part II)

Posted by Timothy J. Stanley on April 23, 2024

How can educators approach the integration of diverse and underrepresented Chinese Canadian narratives in ways that go beyond checking identity inclusion boxes or relying on deficit narratives and stories of victimization?  We invited antiracism researcher, educator and historian of Chinese in Canada, Timothy J. Stanley, Emeritus Professor at the University of Ottawa’s Faculty of Education, to work with us to lay out foundational understandings that can help us approach the inclusion of Chinese Canadian narratives in classrooms through an antiracist lens.  

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How do we teach Chinese Canadian Narratives in Classrooms? (Part I)

Posted by Timothy J. Stanley on April 16, 2024

In this blog post you will find practical ideas, gain key understandings and uncover fascinating histories that will inform and enhance your capacity to teach Chinese Canadian narratives through an anti-racist approach in this two-part blog series by researcher, educator and historian of Chinese people in Canada, Timothy J. Stanley

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